UK Funeral Debt nears £150m

Funeral Debt is on the rise in the United Kingdom with research showing that private debt owing for Funeral fees has nearly reached the...

6 tips for a Smart Business Debt Collection solution

  Is your company's cash flow struggling due to late or non-paying customers? A smart choice for a Business Debt Collection solution will help solve...

Debt Collection firm agrees to write off millions in purchased debt

A Debt Purchasing and Collections Company has been forced to write off £414m worth of debt after failings within its dilligence processes. 'Motormile Finance UK'...

Small Businesses in the UK suffering from late payment

It has been revealed that a shocking 13% of micro-businesses in the UK have waited 12 months or more to have their invoices paid, according to new research...

Emerging Markets see Biggest House Price Increase Over Past Decade

Emerging markets saw the biggest increases in house prices over the past decade, according to the Lloyds TSB International Global Housing Market Review.

Debt Purchase Group competitor buy out

DEBT purchaser Lowell Group has acquired the Interlacken Group in a move to bring additional strength to the firm.

Wales Council bosses want to name and shame debtors

Council Bosses in North Wales are proposing to name and shame debtors who owe them more than £300,000 details have emerged. The furious councillors are...

Massive increase in Debt owed to friends and family

UK Debt Charity StepChange have released figures for the first half of 2016 showing that 28% of their clients have debts owing to friends...

RBS allocates a further 465m for PPI claims

The Royal Bank of Scotland has set aside a further 465m for PPI claims as it is revealed that claims are expected to continue...
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20% of UK Business Insolvencies caused by late payment

It has been revealed that a staggering one fifth of UK Company insolvencies over the past year have been caused by late payment of...

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New Law to Protect Tenants in Arrears in Scotland

A New housing law that provides more protection for social tenants in Scotland with rent arrears from eviction has been approved.

Debt Collection action could have saved 50,000 SME’s

A report from the Federation of small businesses (The FSB) have released a comprehsive report detailing the way that small companies are being systematically...

Consumers suffer BT Debt Recovery headache

CANCELLING a telephone and broadband package when out of the specified contract period should be relatively straightforward.

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