Surge in spurious ‘Debt Collection’ claims

UK Debt Collection comparison site have reported a large increasing number of false claims through their website. They state as many as 60% of 'claims'...

Bailiff sentenced over 10k theft from Debt Collection firm

A BAILIFF who stole nearly £10,000 from a debt collection company in Waltham Abbey has been spared jail.

New Chief Executive for The Insolvency Service

The Insolvency Service has announced the appointment of Dr Richard Judge as its new Chief Executive. He takes over from Stephen Speed who has been the Chief Executive

UK Businesses more upbeat says Cable

There are "reassuring" signs the economy is continuing to recover and there is a "more upbeat mood" among the business community

Gran Turns to Crime to Pay £40k Store Card Debt

A grandmother who turned to crime after secretly spiralling into £40,000 debt using store cards today issued a stark warning to ...

Vodafone slammed for Debt Collection misuse

Vodafone were slated by Mobile Industry observers yesterday after it emerged that they instructed a Debt Collection Agency to try and collect a fraudulent 'debt'...

NHS consider Debt Collectors for foreign debts.

In Scotland, a staggering £180,000 circa is owed to NHS Tayside by foreign patients who have received treatment under their care with some patients as far...

Insolvency service cracks down on dodgy directors

The number of Directors disqualified in England, Scotland and Wales has risen sharply according to new figures released by the Insolvency service. The latest statistics...

30m to be saved by Insolvency reforms

A single gateway for complaints against insolvency practitioners (IPs) which makes the process easier and more transparent was announced
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Top 5 tips when choosing a Debt Collection Agency

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Average UK Household Spending £10416 Per year on Rent

New figures from have revealed that UK households are spending an average of 28% of their take-home income on rent, rising to 71% in London.

Teenager chased by Debt Collectors for 9k bill

A teenager is being chased by debt collectors for a £9,000 medical bill after she rushed her friend to hospital during a holiday in Greece.

HMRC issues Tax Credit scam email warning

People who receive tax credits are being warned about scam emails being sent out by fraudsters in an attempt to gather card details and passwords.

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