Vodafone slammed for Debt Collection misuse

Vodafone were slated by Mobile Industry observers yesterday after it emerged that they instructed a Debt Collection Agency to try and collect a fraudulent 'debt'...
rise in unpaid rent arrears

Rising Unpaid Rent Arrears sees surge in Landlords seeking rent insurance

Rising Unpaid rent arrears across the UK has seen a sharp upturn in Private Landlords seeking rent protection insurance. Data from different firms suggest...

Brit facing life sentence for unpaid cheques

Essentially life in prison in the UK or Europe is usually related to a serious violent crime, this is not the case in Qatar....
insolvency industry

Insolvency Industry regulation changes to be made

The Government has set out new proposals to reform and simplify regulation of the insolvency sector. The new consultation is inviting views on creating a...
84% of ccjs unsatisfied

84% of CCJs unsatisfied in England and Wales

In figures released by the Registry Trust earlier this year, data showed that 84% of the County Court Judgements (CCJ) issued were deemed as...

CCJ Value drops

The total value of judgments has fallen by £406.1m in one year in a clear sign that more UK residents are struggling to come to terms with debt problems ...
personal insolvency rises sharply

Personal Insolvency rising sharply according to new figures

New figures released show a massive increase in Personal insolvency. The latest monthly figures from the Insolvency Service for England & Wales have indicated that...

Church of England warns Payday Loans lender

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned the online lender Wonga that the Church of England plans to force it out of business

Zombie firms hit Business Recovery Company

AN ARMY of “zombie companies” being kept afloat by record low interest rates have hit business recovery group Begbies Traynor’s earnings in the last six months.
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Debt Collectors pursuing Halton General Hospital visitors.

Debt demands in the post asking the sick and stressed to cough up £149.99. A debt recovery firm has threatened court action against visitors of...

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Banks still not lending to small businesses

Figures showing almost half of all new small business lending applications have been declined by banks are being greeted with disappointment by the Forum of Private Business

£2.5bn of debt could be written off as ‘unrecovered’

The Child Support Agency (CSA) folded in 2012 leaving debts of £3.7bn, with £2.5bn of that owed to approximately a million families across the...

Children to be given lessons on illegal loan sharks

School children in parts of England are to be given lessons, warning them about the use of illegal loans sharks. The IMLT (Illegal Money Lending...