One in four UK businesses struggling to pay debts

Cash-flow problems that could leave companies unable to “fund any future recovery” are affecting one in four small businesses.
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Debt Collector sentenced for vicious attack on Debtor

A SELF-STYLED debt collector from Exeter, has been ordered to pay compensation to a mechanic who he clubbed with an iron bar

Authority’s crackdown on ‘super hero’ debt collectors

Debt Collectors dressed as Superman, Zorro or the Pink Panther become a feature of life in Portugal over the recent years to individuals and...

Insolvency Expert frustrated at lack of Director Disqualifications

A leading UK insolvency expert has expressed her frustrations at the low number of directors facing disqualification, suggesting there is a lack of resources...

Criminal Debt Collector Menaces Son in Law of Michael Caine

A criminal chasing a debt left Michael Caine’s daughter Natasha so terrified her hair ‘turned white’, a court heard yesterday ...

Surge in spurious ‘Debt Collection’ claims

UK Debt Collection comparison site have reported a large increasing number of false claims through their website. They state as many as 60% of 'claims'...
Smes owed 21k in late payments

SME’s owed 21k on average due to late payments

New data from Intuit QuickBooks has highlighted the burden of late payments on already financially stretched small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the average...

Football club given ‘extra time’ to avoid Insolvency proceedings.

English Football League Club Northampton Town FC was given a dramatic last minute life line after Insolvency proceedings were adjourned for two weeks. Insolvency proceedings brought against against...
Taxpayers money wasted

Taxpayers’ money wasted in futile debt collection effort.

Exclusive details have been announced this week that Highland Council have cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds in efforts to recover debts owed...
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Dodgy Debt Collection Boss agrees to repay ‘fees’ back to clients

DEBT collector Nigel Marsh of March promised to turn over a new leaf as he pledged to return £15,000 to firms across the country. Marsh was subject to an investigation by the Daily Mirror last year.

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Small Business Owners going without wages due to late payment

The UK's current late payment is hitting new levels as a new report has revealed 17% of Small Business owners are forgoing their wages...

World’s largest Debt Collection agency fined $3.2m

It’s highly possible you’ve never heard of US based Expert Global Solutions, but it’s the largest debt-collection operation in the world.

Latest Insolvency statistics released for 2021

The latest insolvency statistics have been released for Q1 2021 by the insolvency service. These provides England & Wales corporate and individual insolvency statistics,...

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