Unpaid Medical Fees sees Irish Hospital turn to Debt Collection Agency for help

Irish hospital calls in debt collection agency to collect unpaid medical fees

University Hospital Kerry is owed over half a million euros (€500,000) in unpaid medical fees it has been reported. The fees still due from patients for medical treatments given last year.

A spokesperson for University Hospital Kerry (UHK) told local station Radio Kerry, that they have turned to a Debt Collection agency to help secure the payments owed for unpaid medical fees.

Figures released to the Radio Kerry show that at the end of 2022, the hospital recorded over €525,000 in payments outstanding for public inpatients.

A spokesperson for the Tralee hospital said UHK has an obligation to collect statutory patient charges, where medical fees are outstanding under national financial regulations.

They said a patient will initially receive an invoice from the hospital, charging for the medical services. If unpaid, two reminders are sent to the patient advising of the fee owed.

If unpaid after this correspondence, the hospital refers the patients unpaid medical fees account to a debt collection agency.

Last year a total of over €50,000 (€51,876) was collected on behalf of UHK by the approved debt collectors.

As of December 31st 2022, the hospital was owed more than €525,000 in patient fees. The money owing for these unpaid medical bill fees could be put to urgent use.

University Hospital Kerry confirmed it continues to use the services of a debt collection agency in an effort to secure these payments.

Non payment of medical fees has forced many hospitals to turn to Debt Collection Agencies for help in the UK also. Debts formed include unpaid private medical fees, overpayment of wages and unpaid medical training fees.


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