Greece Urged to Honour Rescue Plan

IMF head Christine Lagarde has said she hopes that elections in debt-stricken Greece produce a government committed to sticking to the terms of the country's rescue package.

Wonga debt collection methods criticised by OFT

High-profile money lending firm Wonga has been criticised by the Office of Fair Trading for using aggressive and misleading debt collection methods.

ONS: Little Movement on House Prices

The latest House Price Index from the Office for National Statistics shows that UK house prices in March were down 0.4% on the same period in 2011.

UK Inflation Levels Fall by 0.5%

The latest statistics from ONS have revealed that CPI annual inflation for April stands at 3%, down from the March figure of 3.5%.

Debt Solution Company Directors Sentenced to Jail Time

Two company directors in Manchester have been sentenced to 21 months’ imprisonment each by Chester Crown Court for fraudulent trading at their debt solution company, Churchwood Corporate Services Limited.

UK Commercial Property Debt Continues to Drop

A recent UK property lending survey has revealed that the amount of debt held against UK commercial property has continued to drop over the last year from £228.1bn to £212.3bn, a drop of 6.8%.

Housing Affordability Reaches Record Highs

Housing affordability conditions for all buyers reached a milestone in the first quarter, according to data released by the National Association of Realtors on May 15, 2012.

Eurozone avoids recession

By the skin of its teeth, the Eurozone has avoided recession reporting marginal combined growth of 0.1% for Q1 2012, report cebr.

UK Companies Continuing to Show Optimism

Despite the UK Economy entering a double-dip recession optimism amongst UK companies remains high according to two new surveys.

Average UK Household Spending £10416 Per year on Rent

New figures from have revealed that UK households are spending an average of 28% of their take-home income on rent, rising to 71% in London.