Cardiff Council employee stole child safety funds to pay Bailiffs

insolvency service targets bounce back loan abusers

Cardiff Crown court has heard how a Cardiff Council employee allegedly syphoned more than £35,000 from petty cash account of the Council’s Child safeguarding Unit to  pay off Bailiffs.

Caroline Wootton-Thomas who worked in the accounts department for Cardiff City Council was “regularly” cashing cheques of £500 and using some of it to pay Bailiffs to prevent her Mothers house being repossessed the court heard. It was also said she was heavily in debt to pay day loans companies.

The Court heard that in a single month alone, she cashed £18,000 at a St Mellons post Office, telling the postmistress she was cashing the cheques to  pay wages.

Despite the large amount of cheques being cashed, records showed that none of it was being paid into her personal account. The Police investigation then widened to her mothers bank account which showed payments of £6,000 and £10,200 had been made and apparently used to clear debts with the bailiffs.

Wootton-Thomas denies charges of theft and transferring criminal proceeds to her Mothers account. Her Mother, Hilary Wootton has pleaded not guilt to money laundering.

The trial is continuing with a jury expected to deliver the verdict later this week.



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