Surge in spurious ‘Debt Collection’ claims


UK Debt Collection comparison site have reported a large increasing number of false claims through their website.

They state as many as 60% of ‘claims’ of debt owing are either misleading, false or very ambiguous at best with numbers seemingly increasing.

The most common of which is attempting to knowingly instruct a Debt Collection agency were the debtor has already gone into liquidation or become bankrupt. supply Debt Collection quotations to Companies and individuals across the UK who fill out a simple questionnaire to get matched to relevant suppliers of Debt Collection solutions.

A  spokesperson for the website said “We are continuing to receive enquiries were it is known that the ‘debtor’ has been declared insolvent. We understand that this is frustrating for any creditor but technically there is no debt to collect”

Other instances of spurious claims have been monies allegedly owed for presents for ex-partners, scorned former business partners and greedy landlords claiming for anything and everything from former tenants.

The spokesperson continued “Where there is a genuine debt then we are able to help and will continue to provide a valuable service to those genuine cases.”




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