Brit being held in Prison due to Credit Card Debt

brit man in prison due to unpaid debt

A British man is being held in a notorious Czech Prison awaiting extradition to Qatar due to an unpaid Credit Card Debt.

Alan Stevenson from Manchester worked as an I.T Manager in Doha, Qatar in 2013 at which time he opened a Bank Account. Under the terms of the account, he was required to write a blank cheque to cover any unpaid balances.

Mr Stevenson was on a ‘wanted’ Interpol list after Bank Officials from Qatar reported him for an Unpaid Credit Card debt that was still outstanding. Mr Stevenson was arrested in Prague as he passed through the city on his way to visit a sick relative here in the UK.

Since being arrested, he has been held on lock down for 23 hours a day in Pragues Pankrac remand prison facility.

Prisoners there are apparently denied access to electricity or warm water and Mr Stevenson has reportedly lost over twenty two pounds in wait since his incarceration.

According to Yahoo News, there has been outrage from some quarters with Radha Sterling quoted as saying

“The UK generally refuses to consider extradition to the Gulf States due to human rights concerns, but these cases should never even reach that stage”

“Interpol should not be accepting Red Notice requests that relate to private financial matters.

“It is outrageous that Alan has been arrested in Prague and faces possible extradition.

“He is being held in horrendous conditions in an archaic jail, over a debt he was in the process of negotiating”

It is not known how much Mr Stevenson owed or whether steps had been actively taken to repay the debt owing.

The use of imprisonment for unpaid debts in Qatar and places like Dubai is common practice with many Brits falling foul of the tough Debt Collection laws over there.

Many Brits fled Dubai during the last recession leaving millions of pounds of unpaid Debts. It forced Dubai based companies to instruct UK Debt Collection Agencies to recover debts on their behalf.


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