Soccer Legend has assets frozen due to Unpaid Debts

Football club insolvent facing liquidation

Brazilian Soccer Legend Ronaldinho has had properties seized due to unpaid debts and taxes according to reports coming out of Brazil.

He has also has his Spanish and Brazilian passports confiscated due to mounting debt after he was hit with financial penalties by authorities. The penalties were due to the illegal building of a pier by a lake side property he owns in Porto Alegre.

News reports in Brazil say the former World Cup winner was find £2.6 million pounds for this breach of the laws and this debt remains unpaid. In addition, Ronaldinho is also being chased by the authorities and Debt Collection organisations  for £1.69m worth of debt including unpaid taxes.

One of the leading Judges in the resort of Porto Alegre has refused to confirm or deny the situation regarding the ex football player, stating that the situation falls under judicial secrecy rules.

Ronaldinho’s Legal representatives have denied the claims that his assets have been frozen but further advised he could not make any official comment regarding the situation.

Fellow Brazilian footballing legend Cafu has also been the subject of Debt Recovery action which saw him made to sell five of his properties.

Ronaldinho retired in 2015 from Soccer after a prosperous and glittering career. It has been rumoured that he is considering coming out of retirement to play for a Maltese side in a lucrative deal.


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