Credit Cards Key to Keeping Up Appearances

credit card use is increasing

Credit card debt is being increased by Brits who attempt to keep up with appearances regardless of having the cash to do so or not.

Around 40 per cent of Brits aged between 18 and 37 use their credit cards to make themselves look good by buying beauty and grooming products, according to new research from

Meanwhile, more than a third – 37 per cent – of adults admit turning to their credit cards due to a lack of cash in the bank, the most popular reason for credit card use.

As well as using a credit card to obtain the perfect look, 28 per cent – of Brits use their credit cards to treat themselves. Clothing is the most popular credit card purchase for 60 per cent of young Brits, while jewellery is another common expenditure at 28 per cent.

More than one in ten believe spending on a credit card is easy money.

Nerys Lewis, head of credit cards at, says:

“Our survey suggests many young adults are using their credit cards to power an aspirational lifestyle fuelled by celebrity culture.”

“The average amount of debt a person adds to their credit each month is almost £170, and it seems many are turning to credit if they haven’t got the cash or just fancy indulging themselves.”

“All this spending has got to come at a price however.”

“We would urge people to think carefully about what’s essential versus what’s desirable and ask themselves if something is really necessary before putting it on credit.”

“People should have a solid plan in place for paying back any debt and if anyone is struggling, they can speak to a free debt advice service  such as Citizens Advice.”


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