Revealed: Lansdown – The UK’s capital of debt


The latest data released by the BBA (British Bankers Association) has revealed that the leafy affluent area of Lansdown, a suburb of Bath, is the UK’s number one hotspot for personal debt.

Lansdown is part of the BA1 9 postcode which has the highest level of personal loans in the country on average per person. Each person owes an average of £2,311 according the figures given by the BBA.

The BA1 9 postcode covers Lansdown as well as nearby villages Kelston and North Stoke. Within its boundaries is Lansdown Golf club were annual membership will set you back £784.

It also includes Bath racecourse where maybe the punters are less lucky than other racecourses.

Local Tory MP for the area Patrick Anketell-Jones has the theory that due to some of the large victorian properties in the area, home owners will have found it much easier to borrow.

He said via the BBC “I have had no reports of destitution in the area and I’ve never considered debt as a problem in my ward”

The local Mazda dealership in Lansdown reported April as a record month for them, selling 72 cars yet 82% were sold via finance agreements.

Far from appearing to be stuck in the vice of credit, Lansdown and its neighbouring villages would appear to be a picture of wealth and health. On appearances it would seem that they are at the very forefront of Britain’s financial recovery as opposed to being a hive of activity for Debt Collectors attempting to recover unpaid debts.


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