New Debt Collection documentary to be aired on Channel 5


Off the back of the success of BBC1’s, ‘The Sheriffs are coming’, Channel 5 is to air a new no holds barred documentary on the work of Debt Collectors and Bailiffs titled Can’t pay? we’ll take it away 

Nearly half a decade on from the credit crunch, the documentary promises a exclusive insight into the stories of the people on the receiving end of debt collection activities and follows the people whose job it is to recover it.

The hour long documentaries follows debt collectors, bailiffs and repo men, showing their efforts to recover debts owing to the creditors. It will show them in action on the country’s council estates through to the more affluent debtors in their luxury mansions. It will also be highlighting the plight of struggling businesses as they struggle to meet their creditors demands.

The documentary promises to show violent confrontations, tearful debtors, downright liars along with genuine cases of severe financial hardship.

The explosive four part documentary series will be aired in spring on Channel 5.


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