Justice Minister promises Bailiff reforms

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New laws to stamp out ‘rogue bailiffs’ were promised on Wednesday by the Justice Minister Lord Faulks.

Speaking at the Civil Enforcement Association conference in London, Lord Faulks spoke of the major reforms to the rules for Bailiffs which will take effect from April 2014.

The main objective of the reforms is to prevent bailiffs from using heavy handed tactics whilst still ensuring they can collect unpaid debts fairly.

The proposed changes are to include preventing bailiffs from entering homes when children are present and also the prevention of late night visits. They will only be allowed to enter a property between the hours of 6am – 9pm.

In addition, prior to being granted a warrant, Bailiffs must justify the most probably means of entry to the property and how it will be done. Also, what likely state the property will be left in afterwards and how it will be secured.

Lord Faulks said “There are some very good reputable bailiffs out around, but we know there is bad practice that needs to be dealt with”

The new rules are designed to clean up the industry and ensure Bailiffs act lawfully when executing warrants.


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