Digital Giants aim to stamp out ‘Robocall’ Debt Collection


Debt Collection Agencies using a computerised autodialer to perform ‘Robocalling’ need to be on guard. It has been announced that a Robocall task force has been created.

An alliance of 33 of the world’s leading tech and communications companies have come together to find a solution to put an end to unwanted robocalls.

The strike force is reported to include the likes of tech companies such as Google, Apple and Mircrosoft. Confirmation of this was reveleaed on the Win Beta site, news from Microsoft.

The objective is to stamp out the automated calls mobile phone users have been increasingly receiving over the past few years.

Purely focused on driving up profits, some greedy Agencies turned to automated calls as a way to increase call numbers, running them from dusk till dawn as a way to increase collections.

A ‘Robocall’ is the practice of using an autodialler to deliver computer generated messages to debtors to assigned mobile telephone numbers. The purpose of this is to generate a personal phone call from the receiving individual.

Automised telephone dialling is not limited to the Debt Collection, the UK has seen a rise in calls from many industries, such as the tele-marketing and PPI sectors which will also targeted by this clampdown.

As well as the large Tech corporations, mobile phone service providers such as Samsung, T-Mobile and Nokia have been enlisted.

The strategy for the Alliance will include

  • VOIP verification standards
  • SS7 solution associated with VOIP calls
  • Further anti-robocall solutions
  • Working together to adopt call blocking technologies

This move will be welcomed by public watchdogs who have long voiced their concerns over this unethical practice and sought to introduce new laws preventing such.

There has been no set date for the implementation of any new measures but this announcement shows the extent to which ‘robocalling’ is viewed as a problem. It will also force some of the more unscrupulous¬†Debt Collection Agencies to rethink their strategies.


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