Bungling Bailiffs empty wrong property


Incompetent bailiffs broke into the wrong flat, removing items from a 58-year-old woman’s home before realising their mistake and leaving without even a note of apology.

Peter Young says the men dragged out a sofa, television and even started chomping through his mother’s box of sweets before finding out they were actually meant to be at a neighbouring flat

Mr Young, 38, got an alarming call from a next door neighbour of his mum Marjorie in Boones Road, Lee, on June 3, to say what was happening.

He said: “They drilled through all the locks to get in.  “They took out her computer, her printer, everything else. The cheeky gits, they even opened her sweets and started eating those. You just think, I’m sure they’re not allowed to do that.”

Mr Young, of Orpington, went on: “Once they realised they’d made a mistake then they put it all back.

“They put new locks on the door, but didn’t tell anyone, just gave a key to the next door neighbour.

“If the neighbour hadn’t called, my mum could have just come home, put her key in the lock and not been able to get in. It’s just unreal.”

Mrs Young had been at work during the day, and said she was “a bit shocked” by the news and added “I can’t believe they would just enter a property without checking properly”

“I’m really angry about the fact that my home has been invaded. They touched everything.

“They left no card, no note.”

The family claim the front door frame was smashed, a leather sofa was damaged and “pepperpot holes” were drilled through the entrance. They also claim that private papers were rifled through by the intruders.

Mr Young says he is now in discussions with Lewisham Homes to get the front door replaced.

A spokeswoman for Lewisham Homes said the bailiffs had been supplied by the courts rather than the housing association. She said: “Unfortunately a mistake was made when bailiffs attended to enforce an eviction notice on the adjoining flat to Mrs Young’s home, and they entered her property in error.

“We are deeply sorry for this mistake and the distress that this has caused Mrs Young, particularly as resident security is one of our key concerns. We were in immediate contact to explain what happened and to apologise.

“We have spoken to the court bailiffs to ascertain their company actions. We are currently in discussions regarding how to properly compensate Mrs Young for the inconvenience.”


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