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Russian changes gender to avoid debt collectors

The majority of people working within the UK's Debt Collection industry will be all too familiar with the very wide spectrum of excuses and...

Debt Collectors threaten to enter big brother house

Debt Collectors have apparently threatened to enter the Big Brother House to serve failed pop star 'Dappy' with bankruptcy papers. The former N-Dubz star now...

Over One million motorists being chased by Debt Collectors

More than a million motorists and car insurance policy holders have had debts registered against them at the Traffic Enforcement Centre

Law firms and Debt Collection companies in hacking probe

A total of 22 law firms feature on a list of organisations and individuals linked to rogue private investigators

Bailiffs chasing Manchester United star

Debt collectors went to the Football Premier League champions' Carrington training base looking for the Portuguese attacker but could not find him.

British couple forced to use Debt Collectors on estate agents

A BRITISH couple are furious after being forced to call in a debt collection agency for not receiving the proceeds of a house sale.

Troubled Clothing retail chain sees Debt Collectors visit

CONCERN surrounds a clothes retail chain as debt collectors are understood to have been called in to the chain over unpaid rents.

HMCTS seeking Debt Collectors to recover 1.8bn

Nearly £2 billion in court fines and confiscation orders remains unpaid, new figures have shown, while the Government has admitted it needs to do more to tackle the debt with the usage of Debt Collectors.

Ex-model is now Millionaire Debt Collector

A former fashion model has become one of the country's first millionaire bailiffs.

Wonga threatens customers with Debt Collectors

Payday loan company Wonga.com, which charges annual interest rates of up to 4,200 per cent, yesterday warned it plans to start using debt collectors