Russian changes gender to avoid debt collectors


The majority of people working within the UK’s Debt Collection industry will be all too familiar with the very wide spectrum of excuses and tactics individuals will use to evade paying their debts however in Russia, this has been taken to a whole new level.

On the run from Bailiffs and Debt Collectors, a 38 year old Russian women known only as ‘Natalya’ changed her name to Andrian after notching up debts of around 130,00 Rubles  (circa. £2,266 GBP) 

News of this astounding attempt to evade the payment of debts was made public by the press team for the Bailiff services in the southern region of Astrakhan.

Spokeswoman Yevgenia Zarnysh said “During our investigations, we found that the woman did not exist any more and now a man exists”

After changing their gender, the individual obtaining a new passport and identification which was then used to obtain further loans and credit.

Zarnysh continued “He/she will still be liable all the same despite the gender change, he/she will still have to pay them back, its futile”

She finished with “If a debtor thinks they can escape that way they are very much mistaken”

As a man, ‘Andrian’ has now built up new debts for unpaid taxes and remains on the run.


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