University gets help from top Debt Collection firm to educate students

University asks federal management for help on debt collection

The UK’s largest University has called upon a leading UK Debt Collection Agency for help with course content for its students. It is seen a major boost in credibility for the industry and the acceptance of the role Debt Collection Agencies have to play in modern UK Business.

The Open University is the UK’s largest academic institution and is the world’s leading distance learning option. Founded in 1969 it has helped millions of student gain degrees and other significant qualifications in that time.

As part of one of their Business courses, the University approached Federal Management for permission to use one of their productions. The Video details the problem of dealing with Unpaid Invoices in the Freelancer Business Course.

Federal Management is a long standing and Award winning Commercial Debt Collection Agency with a famous name within the UK.

The Business Course called “A Freelancer Career in the Creative Arts” touches upon all aspects of operating a Small Business in the UK. It lays the foundations for aspiring young entrepreneurs to find their path in the modern business world.

The new course is now live and attracting massive interest from Young Business Students all over.

Ross Hooton Marketing Manager for Federal Management said

“We were more than happy to help the Open University however we could with this venture. New business owners already have a very challenging list of responsibilities, and having clients that do not pay can lead to serious issues. Thanks to this course, the owners of these new businesses will be prepared for this problem when it does occur.”

Ross went on to say:

“We are very committed to supporting new businesses throughout the UK and even further afield. When we were contacted by the Open University, we were very happy to be able to support these new businesses right at their inception. The issue of debt is a serious one, and we would all be extremely proud if our contribution to this course helped students in the future.”.

This gives clear testimony to the rising relevance of Debt Collection Agencies in the modern business world. It also highlights Federal Management’s excellent reputation for Commercial and Personal Debt Collection services.





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