Debtor jailed for attack on Debt Collection Agents

bailiff attack

A 25 year old man from Derby has been sent to prison for 10 months following a violent attack on two Bailiffs in Derbyshire.

Sameer Shabir was one of a trio of men who physically threatened and attacked the Enforcement officers who attended to collect a debt.

Derby Crown Court heard how the Enforcement Officers attended the Defendants address to request payment of a debt. The court was told how Mr Shabir came out of the property carrying a large wrench and was acting very aggressive.

The debtor then proceeded to kick the Debt Collection Agents car door and then smash its windscreen with the wrench.

Upon hearing all the evidence, Judge Bairaj Bhatia QC sentenced Shabir to a prison term for his unwarranted actions.

Mr Ashton who was prosecuting advised the court that the incident had taken place on the 23rd of February this year.

He said: “Two enforcement agents attended the address of a man in Crewe Street in relation to an outstanding fine that had not been paid.

“The man was verbally abusive to the officers and attempted to drive off in his car which at this stage had been clamped.

“A group of three, including this defendant, came out the address and were threatening towards the officers.”

The court heard the group was abusive towards them.

They heard the people in the group say “we are going to f****** smash you” and “why don’t you f*** off”, but the victims couldn’t say who said what.

Mr Ashton said: “This defendant can be distinguished as he was the one in possession of a wrench.

“This defendant, by himself, kicked the the driver’s door several times, being described by the officers as quite hard.

Shabir, of Crewe Street, Derby pleaded guilty to one count of affray and one count of criminal damage.

He also pleaded guilty to a count of failing to attend a previous court hearing.

He was handed a 10-month custodial sentence. Further information regarding this story can be found on Birminghamlive website.



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