Debtor sentenced for gun attack on Debt Collector

bailiff attacked whilst trying to collect debt


Mark Vevers, 50, lured a debt collector to his home in Northampton where he then locked her in the bathroom, threatened her life, and stole £300 from her bank account as well as £485 in cash directly from her purse.

The debt collector — an unidentified woman working for a company called LoansAtHome4U — was lured to the wheel-chair bound one-legged man’s home with the false promise of additional business, telling her “a friend who wanted to borrow some money was coming round.”

He had been repaying a £300 loan to the company at £20 per week and clearly thought that this brilliant plan — kidnapping a LoansAtHome4U officer/debt collector, stealing money from her, and then letting her go — would get him in the clear. Except, as it turns out, instead of using the money from his heist for that loan, he actually needed it to pay off a drug loan that was outstanding because everyone in this story is making the absolute best decisions every moment they can.

The gun he used turned out to be an airgun, which Vevers told officers he kept “for shooting rats”

Judge Richard Bray sentenced Vevers to six and a half years in prison after he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, possessing a firearm, robbery and theft.”


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