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Smart Parking’s “bully boy” tactics are condemned by Perthshire MSP

Tory tells locals: “I would urge motorists in Perth and Kinross to think twice about paying a ticket that they believe to have been...

Private debt collectors to fetch back payments made in error

Households that received money they did not claim may get a knock on the door... Thousands of struggling families who have been overpaid tax credits...

Debt Collectors pursuing Halton General Hospital visitors.

Debt demands in the post asking the sick and stressed to cough up £149.99. A debt recovery firm has threatened court action against visitors of...

Debt Collector sentenced for vicious attack on Debtor

A SELF-STYLED debt collector from Exeter, has been ordered to pay compensation to a mechanic who he clubbed with an iron bar

Debtor sentenced for gun attack on Debt Collector

Mark Vevers, 50, lured a debt collector to his home in Northampton where he then locked her in the bathroom, threatened her life, and stole £300 from her bank account as well as £485 in cash directly from her purse.

Lawyers threaten strike action over ‘Debt Collector’ plans

Defence lawyers have vowed to oppose plans that would force them to pursue unpaid fees from impoverished clients despite new warnings that Scotland’s legal aid system is at breaking point.

Criminal Debt Collector Menaces Son in Law of Michael Caine

A criminal chasing a debt left Michael Caine’s daughter Natasha so terrified her hair ‘turned white’, a court heard yesterday ...