Debtor faces years in prison for gun attack on Bailiff

Bailiffs threatened with gun

A Tenant with arrears of over £8,000 who gunned down a Bailiff and housing officer during an eviction is facing years behind bars following a trial in London.

Andrew Stephenson aged 50, was found guilty of two counts of wounding with intent by jurors at Blackfriars Crown Court in a trial lasting 8 days.

The trial Jurors delivered a guilty verdict on charges of wounding and possession of firearms with an intent to endanger life, despite being cleared of attempted murder.

Mr Stephenson shot a bailiff and a housing officer during an attempted eviction on 3rd of July last year at a flat in Brixton London.

Wounding with intent carries a maximum sentence of 14 years and Judge John Hillen has already indicated Mr Stephensons custodial sentence will be in double figures. The defendant is due for sentencing on the 14th of March this year.

Metropolitan had obtained an eviction order against Mr Stephenson who was over £8,000 in arrears and had been attempting to enforce it.

Jurors were undecided on a charge brought for firing shots at the locksmith.

The defendant had claimed he thought the eviction party were breaking into his flat to kill him and was acting merely in self defence.


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