Media company wound up for false claims


Dodgy Liverpool based Global Media Corporation Ltd has been wound up by the Insolvency service following indepth investigations.

Global Media had been ‘selling’ advertising space diaries and magazines purporting to belong to the emergency services.

During investigations, it emerged that tele-sales staff had been cold calling potential customers claiming to be affiliated with police forces, some even pretending to be the police in some instances.

By offering exclusive adverts in diaries that promoted the work of the emergency services, the company falsely implied that the diaries were to be delivered to thousands of homes across the United Kingdom. There was little evidence to suggest that the diaries had even been or were due to be printed at all.

It was also found that there were misleading accounts submitted to companies house and what accounts were actually being held in the company’s offices.

Global Media had also tried to collect money for advertisements not even placed using spurious and unethical methods. They also approached Debt Collection Agencies to try to and assist with the recovery.

Director of Global Media Corporation Ltd, Kellie Taylor advised that none of the diaries had been commissioned by any of the emergency services and that they were just intended to be sent to the advertisers themselves and a police station in Warrington.

The Insolvency service advised it will continue to seek out rogue outfits who prey upon businesses and close them down with their directors held accountable when appropriate.


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