CSA Votes to Accept Law Firms as Members


The Credit Services Association (CSA) has voted in favour of allowing law firms to join its Association in a new category of affiliate members. The CSA is the main trade association for the Debt Collection industry.

The move means that new members will now sign up to both the spirit and the word of the CSA’s Code of Practice and allow the Association to police it; they will enjoy all of the benefits of full membership but will not be able to vote as full and foundation members can, nor will they be able to stand for election to the CSA board of directors.

The debate as to whether to allow legal firms into the Association began more than 10 years ago, but in that time, Peter Wallwork, Chief Executive of the CSA believes the landscape has changed significantly: “Whether you are a large or a small, consumer or commercial collections organisation, the fact remains that it is a much more level playing field if law firms operating in ‘our space’ have to sign up to the same Code of Practice as we do,” he says.

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