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FCA reveals firm with most complaints

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed figures that show Barclays Bank as the most complained about company in the UK. These figures relate...

Debt Collectors amongst the UK’s worst drivers

According to a new survey by Insurance company 1st central, Debt Collectors is the profession listed as 8th worst in the UK for road...

Exclusive: Debt Collection Horror in the USA

With the UK's Debt Collection Industry coming under ever increasing scrutiny, we take a look at the American Debt Collection Industry and the problems the authorities have to deal with across the water.

Debt Collection Agencies facing the perfect storm

A recent survey has revealed that the debt collection industry is facing a "perfect storm" due to outdated methods of collection utilised by some debt collection agencies.

CSA Votes to Accept Law Firms as Members

The Credit Services Association (CSA) has voted in favour of allowing law firms to join its Association in a new category of affiliate members.