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Wonga avoids criminal charges over misleading Debt Collection

The UK's largest 'payday' lender Wonga, has suprisingly avoided criminal prosecution over its 'unfair and misleading' debt collection practices. A full scale investigation conducted by the Office of Fair...

Payday loans lender halts Debt Collection activity

Controversial payday loans firm Wonga has written off a total of £220m of debt owing from 330,000 customers after admitting making loans to people who were...

Former Director of Stepchange Debt Charity joins Wonga

In a bizarre twist of events, former anti-payday loans campaigner and Stepchange Director Delroy Corinaldi has joined Wonga as their new head of Public...

FCA to review Debt Collection practices of Payday Lenders

Payday money lender firms have long been criticised for expensive interest levels and also apparent simplicity assisting the UK population with escalating numbers of...

Payday loan industry facing backlash

George Osborne has been accused of driving hard-up people into the arms of payday lenders

Universities ban Payday Loans lenders

Payday loans lenders have been banned from advertising at three UK universities for exploiting "vulnerable" students

Payday Loan industry is ‘out of control’

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau is calling on the Office for Fair Trading to immediately ban the payday lenders it says it has evidence of causing harm to borrowers.

Payday Loans Debt Collection methods drive man to suicide

A father struggling to cope with mounting debts to payday loan companies died after setting himself on fire, an inquest has heard.

Breaking: OFT begins investigations into Lenders Debt Collection practices

The OFT has opened formal investigations into several payday lenders over aggressive debt collection practices.

Payday Loans to cause ‘Debt Tsunami’ warns MP

Labour MP Stella Creasy has warned that a "debt tsunami" will engulf Britain if the payday loans industry is not regulated.