UK attacked by scam Debt Collection emails


UK Businesses have reported a sharp rise in scam debt collection emails purporting from legitimate British companies.

For years company email addresses have been blighted by the usual scam emails claiming to be from banks, paypal and other widely recognised bodies within the world of commerce. But the new wave of scam communications seems to be taking a very different turn.

After initially sending bogus payment demands from third party debt collection agencies and law firms, overseas con artists have now upped the ante by hacking into British company emails then sending emails from that company requesting monies and making threats of legal action.

Thousands of cases are happening on a daily basis now with one of the latest a furniture manufacturer in Cheshire targeted in what can only be deemed as damaging to business.

Staff at  ‘The Furniture’ Ltd have been inundated with enquiries from individuals and companies across the country after they have been receiving non stop emails with suspect attachments.

UK DC News spoke to a female at the company yesterday who advised that one of their staff members emails has been hacked and literally millions of scam spam emails have been blasted out causing them major disruption with their phone lines being blocked up with concerned callers.

One person reported receiving up to 10 emails an hour, every hour during the course of the day and it is believed the company’s owners are understandably under great duress at the moment, wondering how to combat the problem.

The company has now been forced to issue a statement on its website apologising and advising that the matter is now under Police investigation.

Nigeria has long been the home of email scammers operating out of its boundaries however the increase in cyber security over the years has stopped a lot of their activities.



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