Seven Staff confirmed with Covid-19 at Debt Collection firm

covid 19 debt collection agency

Seven staff at a Debt Collection Call Centre in Lancashire have tested positive for Covid-19 after employees were ordered to return to work.

Preston based Debt Collection firm Akinika had originally closed its doors on the 11th May after a member of staff had tested positive on Saturday the 9th with the Coronavirus. The closure was for a “deep clean” of the Premises after telling staff that a fellow employee had tested positive.

Staff were then told to return to work on the following day, advising it was safe to do so. The majority refused to do so but following the reopening of the office, an anonymous member of staff has claimed that 7 employees have now tested positive for Covid-19.

In a conversation with Lancslive, staff members claimed that the figure of reported cases was 4 by Monday and now stands at 7. Bosses at the Company have only recognised one case officially according to the same staff member.

Speaking anonymously, the staff member said “What will it take for the business to be proactive and not reactive?

“Does someone need to be admitted in to hospital? Does someone need to be on their death bed? It’s just not good enough.”

They added: “To fix this they need to apologise, admit their errors and remove certain staff in order to try to rebuild the confidence.”

Akinika are a Consumer Debt Collection Agency with clients like TV Licensing, HM Revenues & Customs and private sector companies.

Amazingly the Office still remains open despite this significant Coronavirus outbreak. It is believed that most of the Staff though have stayed away as a result of this outbreak.

On Monday, a member of staff is quoted as saying that said that prior to the deep clean, Akinika had brought in social distancing measures but they were not being obeyed by all. And that senior staff not making sure rules were enforced.

They said that on one occasion, five people were seen in a small locker room at the same time athe the Debt Collection Agency in Preston.

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