Debt Collection Agency advises Mother of 5 to keep her legs closed


A mother-of-five was told by a debt collection agency call operator she would be better off if she learned to keep her ‘bloody legs shut’ after she told him she was unable to meet repay a debt he was chasing.

Danielle Mangar, 27, from Taunton, Somerset, was on the phone with Advantis to discuss paying off £350 on a loan when the operator made the offensive comment.

The operator told her she could she could pay off 30 per cent, but Mrs Mangar told him finding the money would be difficult because, with so many children, cash was tight.

The operator told her to hold the line, then she says she heard him say: ‘Well, if you’re a mother of five you should have learnt to keep your bloody legs shut.’

After the shocking insult, Mrs Mangar challenged the operator who, apparently thinking he had her on hold, slammed the phone down in surprise.

Mrs Mangar, who has been married to the father of her children for ten years, had been on the phone to the agency to discuss the repayment of a debt.

After the operator had offered her the repayment deal she told him it would be difficult for her to meet the suggested sum because of the expense of her five children.

It was then that the operator made the offensive comment, seemingly unaware that Mrs Mangar was able to hear what he was saying.

‘He’d obviously thought he’d put me on hold but I’d heard everything,’ she told The Sun. ‘I asked him, ‘What the hell did you say?’ and he put the phone down on me.’

Mrs Mangar says she called back and was told the company was treating it as an official complaint.

Advantis told The Sun newspaper it could not comment on individual cases.

Source: Mail Online


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