Debt Collection SMS Text Scam warning


Overseas scammers are back at work attempting to scam UK citizens. It is the latest attempt by criminals to target unsuspecting members of the public.

The same criminal gangs are thought to be behind the scam text messages sent out claiming to be from HMRC and major High street banks.

Mobile phone users have been warned to be on guard from receiving text messages purporting to be from Frontline Collections. These are the latest actions in increasing debt collection scam activities.

Debt Collection SMS Text scam

Innocent members of the public are receiving scam SMS texts claiming that enforcement agents will be attending their property to remove goods. The text then requests they call a number to make payment.

It is the latest Debt Collection scam to hit the UK. The text in broken English is not yet known to have claimed any victims but thousands of people are believed to have received SMS messages as a result.

Screen shot of Scam Debt Collection text message

Received a text from Frontline Collections?

Anybody who receives a  suspected debt collection scam text is urged to report it to Ofcom 7726. Alternatively, contact Action Fraud

These vile criminals regularly impersonate legitimate organisations in an attempt to dupe their victims and leave them out of pocket.

Frontline Collections are not the first Debt Collection Agency to have been impersonated by these criminal scum. Various Debt Collection Agencies across the UK have had their details used previously.

Extra caution recommended

It is essential to be extra cautious if you receive a text message with a threatening tone advising of any imminent enforcement action.

Chris Spencer of Frontline Collections said “Anybody receiving a scam debt collection text  from Frontline Collections is urged to ignore it, delete and/or report it immediately”

“We are currently working hard with the relevant authorities to stop this quickly. We wish to thank those alert members of the public that have kindly brought this to our attention”

Who are Frontline Collections?

Frontline Collections are a leading Professional debt collection agency based in the UK, operating for nearly 20 years.

They specialise in debts owing from private individuals and have expertise in areas such as dental debt collection, unpaid school fees, veterinary debt collection etc

They are headquartered in Manchester and have regional debt collection offices in London, Scotland and the North West.



  1. This is a warning to anyone who receives a debt collection SMS text message. Do not reply to the message, and do not give out any personal information. This is a scam, and you will be liable for any damages that occur


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