BPA: Clamping on Private Land ‘Should Cease in September’


The British Parking Association (BPA) is suggesting that members of the Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) cease off-street clamping operations in September, a month before the ban imposed by the Protection of Freedoms Act takes effect.

The clamping ban takes effect in October in England and Wales. Kelvin Reynolds, BPA director of operations and technical services, told the Parking & Property conference that the association was encouraging its members to apply a grace period rather than clamp and remove vehicles up until the last minute.

Reynolds also pointed out that clamping would not vanish. Off-street clamping remains legal in Northern Ireland and elsewhere it can be carried out by bodies who have “lawful authority”, such as DVLA, local authorities, the police, rail companies, airports and port & harbour authorities. “The state is the biggest clamper,” he noted.


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