Bomb Disposal Unit called in by shocked Bailiffs


Bailiffs in Birmingham had the shock of their lives yesterday after stumbling across two live artillery shells during a routine eviction yesterday in the West Midlands.

The two 4.5inch Howitzer artillery pieces were surprisingly found when Bailiffs were repossessing a distressed property in the Northfield district of the city.

The items used in World War One and early World War Two were found in the garage during the course of the repossession so Bailiffs immediately contacted West Midlands Police and evacuated the property.

The shells are likely to have been manufactured at the Coventry Ordnance Works which was instrumental to British efforts during the first world war.

It is reported the Explosive Ordinance Division (EOD) got to the property around 5pm yesterday and secured the immediate area.

A EOD Officer from the South Birmingham response Unit said “Following a garage clearance two World War 1 Howitzer shells were found at an address”

“There was no immediate threat to residents and ever efficient EOD have dealt with and taken away the shells to be destroyed”


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