RS Group Maintains An Unparalleled Lead In Quality In Sounder Beacon


An emergency can disrupt your flow and cause massive havoc. Mass discord and hysteria among people can lead to more casualties. Therefore, emergency alert systems have emerged as a valuable tool to mitigate such risks. Among these, sound beacons have become a valuable contributor. 

While countless options are available to select sounder beacons, RS Group has surpassed quality expectations. With their RS Pro Range, they are achieving new benchmarks. Here is a brief evaluation of RS Group’s capabilities as a sound beacons supplier: 

The Succession of Brands 

RS maintained a firm market disruption by offering an arsenal of well-reputed brands. The company has maintained an unparalleled succession of sound beacon provisions with options like Klaxon, e2s, Werma, Schneider, Moflash, and Patlite.

Moreover, by consistently accessing the quality of these brands, RS Group also invested in their research and development. Hence, we received the RS Pro Range, which matched the signature quality of top-tier brands. 

A Customizable Flexibility 

Further amplifying their brand succession is RS Group’s impeccable services of customizing according to a client’s requirements. Their sound beacons can conveniently suit a wide spectrum of utilities and applications, including construction sites, road maintenance, industrial applications, and emergency vehicle installations.

Correlatively, RS maintains a phenomenal command over the supply chain, efficiently delivering bulk orders and providing flexible services. These qualities have enabled the company to retain customer loyalty and boost brand prestige. 

A Step Ahead With RS Pro Range 

Each brand has advantages and drawbacks which makes them distinguishable. However, RS has closely studied all the brands that provide sound beacons. Thus, they conducted rigorous inspections and testing on their RS Pro Range before launching it. 

The RS Pro Range surpasses the expectation for a qualitative sound and light alarm and emergency system for versatile uses. A few of the notable qualities are:

360 Degree Performance

The sound beacons from RS primarily provide 360-degree performance. Different light colours are available (for example, amber and yellow). These lights flash in 360-degree directions. 

The sound system is robust and loud enough to withstand daily applications. Its standard loudness is 96 dB. However, increasing or decreasing the sound and brightness level gives the user more control. 

Cost-Efficient Installation & Maintenance 

The sound beacons are maintenance-free and don’t require regular cleaning or replacement. LED lights are used for power efficiency and longevity to prevent consistent maintenance. For installation, single installation points are utilized to offer versatile applications.

The sound beacons are DIY friendly and provide quick installations with mounting screws. 

A Robust Design 

Each sound beacon is a product of polycarbonate and ABS material. Thus cutting down the cost for maintenance and purchase. However, the qualities of these materials provide optimum UV resistance and impact resistance in harsh environments.

With meticulous testing, RS Group has also added qualities like shock resistance. The sound beacons can also withstand vibrations without any internal damage. 

Proper Certification Acquisition

The integrated EPDM O-ring gasket ensures proper IP Rating for at-risk houses. Each sound beacon comes with at least an IP43 rating for optimum performance. RS Pro Range also requires RoHS compliance and CE Certification to bring peace of mind.

The Answer To Versatile Applications 

The RS Group’s Sound Beacon range answers a multi-purpose emergency system. These sound beacons can be used in industries, institutions, vehicles, or even at houses that are at risk of hazards or other calamities. 

Despite its array of qualities and state-of-the-art performance, the RS Pro Range maintains high affordability. In a world full of debt, late invoice payments, and inflation, it stands as a testament to new-age solutions.


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