Landlord property possession claims on the rise

new law for covid commercial rent arrears

Landlord possession claims rose by 26% in 2013. Last years figures went against a decline in previous years with 170,451 possession claims being processed in total according to figures released by the Ministry of Justice.

The estimated numbers of claims that have progressed to eviction order has also been on the rise since 2010 with many housing associations taking a tougher stance on non paying tenants.

Whilst these figures go against the current improving economy, they are rising in line with a increasing growth in the rental markets.

Once a possession order has been granted, a claimant can then apply for a warrant of possession and have a property repossessed by County Court Bailiffs on their behalf.

The Ministry of Justice did say that whilst there has been an increase in the annual figures for possession claims, there was an easing or decline in the last quarters statistics, showing signs of improvement.




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