ULEZ fines create £218 million pound Debt Pile in London

huge amount of owed ulez fines in London

A staggering £218 million is owed in unpaid ULEZ fines in London, according to official figures.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request revealed that more than 1.3 million penalty charges (PCNs) were issued from September 2023 to April 2024.

But Transport for London (TfL) admitted that over 70% of the fines have remained unpaid.

The transport authority also revealed that one driver had received over 200 fines for a single non-compliant vehicle, but hasn’t yet paid a penny of the £47,682 they owe.

TfL left with more than £218 million in unpaid ULEZ fines

The FOI data showed that £28.5m has been paid in fines.

ULEZ, short for ‘ultra-low emissions zone’, was expanded to the farthest-reaching areas of London in August last year, meaning motorists across all 32 boroughs would be charged £12.50 a day if they drove in the zone that doesn’t meet emissions standards.

Responding to an FOI request, TfL revealed that from September 26 last year until April 26 2024, 1,348,938 ULEZ PCNs were issued.

These PCNs are initially issued at £180 but are reduced to £90 if paid within a fortnight.

TfL confirmed that drivers paid 282,448 PCNs totalling £28,539,158.

However, TfL also admitted that an astounding 948,590 PCNs, 70.4% of all fines totalling a whopping £218,316,553, are yet to have been paid by motorists.

TfL declined to provide figures for how much money had been spent on repairs due to intentional damage and vandalism of their cameras.

Brazen ‘blade runners’ have targeted ULEZ cameras since the expansion of the scheme last year, often using power tools to dismantle cameras in the outer London boroughs.

A TfL spokesperson said: “Data shows that more than 95 per cent of vehicles seen in the ULEZ on an average day are ULEZ compliant.

“The ULEZ is not about making money.It will lead to cleaner air while generating ever smaller net revenues, as has been the case with the previous expansion to inner London where people switched to greener vehicles.

“If a customer receives a penalty charge notice (PCN) they can pay the penalty at a 50 per cent discount within 14 days, or have up to 28 days to pay the penalty in full, or challenge the PCN by making a representation.

“Representations can be made on one of six grounds, and TfL also considers mitigating circumstances and uses its discretion in reaching a decision, including cancelling the fine.

“Around 10 per cent of ULEZ PCNs issued after its London-wide expansion have been cancelled.”


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