Martin Lewis investigates shady actions by UK Debt Collection Company

Martin Lewis investigates shady actions of uk debt collection comapny

In the United Kingdom, an intriguing scenario has surfaced within the UK’s debt collection sector and the infamous Martin Lewis.

This involves the controversial activities of a UK Debt Collection company, Barratt Smith Brown, who have been accused of sending emails with a signature resembling that of the globally renowned late pop singer, Michael Jackson.

This shocking revelation emerged as part of an investigative process carried out by Martin Lewis and his MoneySavingExpert platform. (MSE).

Barratt Smith Brown, a prominent player in the realm of UK Debt Collection for utilities, has allegedly been pursuing outstanding balances from previous customers of Igloo Energy and Together Energy.

Both of these energy suppliers unfortunately collapsed in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

According to reports, some recipients of these email communications were taken aback to see an electronic signature that bore striking resemblance to that of the late and great King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

This unusual occurrence has raised eyebrows and brought into question the veracity and credibility of the debt collection methods employed by this UK Debt Collection company.

Further grievances suggested that the company was pursuing some individuals for debts they had already paid off or didn’t owe in the first place.

In response to these allegations, it was reported that Barratt Smith Brown cited a “processing error”, which led to the unintended propagation of these emailed “template letters” to ex-customers of Together Energy.

Although an apology was extended to those affected, the extent of the error was not communicated to MSE.

UK Debt Collection Company sending letters ‘signed’ by the late Micheal Jackson

Martin Lewis, the founder of MSE, has penned letters to the Energy Secretary and regulators, passionately advocating for immediate intervention.

Lewis advises “As you can see, consumers are stuck in an endless loop, trying to find someone to complain to. To put this in context, Barratt Smith Brown was sending debt collection letters, with what appears to be Michael Jackson’s (yes, the late US pop star’s) signature at the bottom, including to some who didn’t owe it debt,” Lewis wrote.

The founder further emphasised the need for comprehensive oversight and the opportunity for consumers to lodge complaints with an independent authority that can make binding rulings. This saga underscores the pressing need for systemic improvements in the UK Debt Collection landscape.

Representatives from Energy Live News have reached out to Barratt Smith Brown, Ofgem and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero for their opinions on the matter. It remains to be seen what measures will be implemented in response.

This comes at a time when the Utilities industry is under close scrutiny. Ireland’s Government has pledged to offer help towards winter energy bills for households and businesses in light of slow price drops”.

Additional reports indicate that prepayment meter debt has tripled since 2019 and Octopus, a major energy supplier, has rejected the concept of supplier levy or reconciliation mechanism for payment levelisation.

It’s clear that the UK Debt Collection sector is in a state of flux, making it imperative for debtors and creditors alike to stay informed and vigilant.


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