Debt Collectors being chased by their former Debt Collectors

London Bailiffs accused of dressing like police

Debt Collectors and Bailiffs Steve Pinner and Paul Bohill earned fame across the UK featuring on Channel five’s Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away.

Now they no longer work for DCBL (Direct Collections Bailiffs Ltd) that featured on the programme and are chasing their former employers for £200,000.

The pair have issued a claim in London’s high court claiming that their former bosses owe them nearly a quarter of a million pounds according to reports in National Newspapers such as the Mirror and the Sun.

Ironically the same court used to issue writs for the two bailiffs to enforce for DCBL on the fly-on-the-wall documentary show.

Steve Pinner and Paul Bohill have since parted company with DCBL and according to reports, accused DCBL owner Gary Robinson of underpaying them and breaking agreements previously made.

There were 81 episodes made for Channel 5, which regularly got 4.5 million viewers between 2014 to 2018.

Mr Pinner, 66, and Mr Bohill, 77, from Ramsgate, Kent, claim they agreed to work for DCBL when the show started in exchange. They say they were promised a 20% share of the company, directorships and a 60% cut of any enforcement work that featured on the documentary.

The pair claim that their earnings from DCBL actually dropped since the show went out whilst profits rose at the company.

Last year DCBL Boss Mr Robinson allegedly commented to Mr Pinner “the share agreement wasn’t worth the paper it was written on”.

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away was cancelled by Channel Five in 2018 and last year the channel launched a similar show called, Call The Bailiffs: Time To Pay Up.

The programme was axed after a string of public controversies. One bailiff reportedly entered a house unlawfully and a woman received “substantial damages” over the misuse of her private information on the programme.

DCBL Debt Collection Agency Boss Gary Robinson told the Sunday People the duo’s claim had no “validity”. He added: “It’s just a couple of disgruntled ex-employees.”




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