scam debt collectors

Cyber Police Action Fraud have warned Small Businesses and sole traders to be on guard against a new  Debt Collection scam in which financial fraudsters claim to to be recovering debts on behalf of legitimate Bailiff firms.

The audacious scammers call companies claiming that fees have not been paid for bogus advertising subscriptions. The vile fraudsters then claim to be Bailiffs and Enforcement Agents acting on behalf of acting Debt Collection Agencies.

They then proceed to advise that there is a unpaid County Court Judgement and they will be enforcing it by way of removal of goods and suchlike.

Such is the temerity of the criminal fraudsters, they have even been using the actual real names of authorised Bailiffs and Enforcement Agents.

The fake Debt Collectors then demand sums are paid via bank transfer. If the victim refuses, the fraudsters then threaten to visit their premises and even their homes to secure payment of the purported ‘debt’.

Action Fraud, the UK’s Anti-Fraud and Cyber Crime reporting Agency advised there have been 52 reports so far pertaining to this debt collecting fraud with a range of different businesses and individuals targeted so far.

Experts have warned that if anybody receives any unexpected and suspicious calls they should contact Action Fraud immediately if they are not able to verify the authenticity of the callers claims.




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