Attacker of Hospitalised Bailiff Faces Jail Term

bailiff attacked whilst trying to collect debt

A man has been jailed after hospitalising a bailiff and will serve a twelve week sentence.

Enforcement Officer Robert Marshall, of High Court Enforcement Officers firm The Sheriffs Office, was attacked by Zulkar Ahmed while attempting to recover an outstanding debt earlier on this year. In a fit of rage Mr Ahmed punched and attacked Mr Marshall, attempting to strangle him.

Mr Marshall, who was filming the incident on a camera used for recording collections, was treated in a local hospital where it was confirmed that he was suffering with ripped back muscles and had bruised his vertebrae. As most of the attack had still been recorded by Mr Marshall, Ahmed pleaded guilty at Cardiff Magistrate Court on 17 May.

David Carter managing director of The Sheriffs Office said:

“Enforcement has always been a difficult job, but it does seem to be getting more dangerous.”

“Just last month one of our officers was attacked with a carving knife and while he was cut badly on the face he narrowly avoided being stabbed in the stomach.”

“This is unacceptable – our enforcement officers are simply executing writs that have been granted by the High Court.”

“The officer does not decide the rights or wrongs of any case – the judge does that.”

Source: Credit Today


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