Iconic UK Bicycle manufacturer enters liquidation


An iconic bicycle manufacturer is to enter voluntary liquidation after almost 80 years crafting and designing bicycle frames.

Mercian Cycles, based in Derby, launched in 1946 and has continued to create bespoke bikes by hand throughout its history.

Its products have been used by cyclists who have set world records and individuals who have undertaken trips around the globe.

Opus Business Advisory Group, which is acting for the company, has confirmed Mercian Cycles is in the process of entering voluntary liquidation.

The owner was approached by the BBC and did not wish to comment.

Mercian Cycles is “iconic”

Cyclist Leigh Timmis rode one of Mercian’s bikes on a 44,000 mile ride around the world between 2010 and 2017.

Mr Timmis said: “It was the perfect bike for the job. It was specifically made for that touring adventure.”

He said Mercian Cycles’ products were custom-built for every individual and their riding style and it was this that had made his journey more comfortable.

“It didn’t even get through a full set of wheels, they went round the world and the frame went through many situations,” he said.

“They provided such a strong bike it could do anything.”

He added: “Mercian is iconic of Derby for me, almost as much as the Rams or Rolls-Royce and to think we will be without Mercian now is sad.”

Mercian Cycles has been based in different locations in Derby over the years. In 1971 it moved from London Road to a bigger premises in Normanton.

In 1984 the shop then moved to Alvaston. It was in 2018 the shop closed and all of the business was moved to its workshop in Pontefract Street.

In 2006 Sir Paul Smith designed a range of the bikes to mark the company’s 60th anniversary.

At the time he said: “They’re very light, hand cut, hand painted, they’ve done a beautiful job.”

Mercian Cycles liquidation

In a statement on their website Mercian Cycles said:

We understand that the sad news about the closure of Mercian Cycles is now widely known. It has been a difficult time for everyone involved. Before closing the doors permanently, everyone put in a huge effort to get work finished and despatched as much as possible. We are still working through the lengthy processes and procedures necessary at this time and we are contacting people whose frames are at the workshop. Apologies to anyone who has been affected by this closure, it has been an emotional time as you would imagine, but we know this affects a lot of people.

We would like to thank all the hard working staff, the suppliers who have supported Mercian for many decades and our loyal customers – many of whom became friends over the years. Thank you for the messages received, we have been keeping away from social media but thank you for your kind wishes, very much appreciated.

We’re really sad that this happened ‘on our watch’ and hope someone can make sure this isn’t the end of Mercian..

Any Businesses owed money or have unpaid Business Debts to Mercian Cycles are urged to contact the liquidators.

Details of the liquidators can be found here Opus Business Advisory Group.


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