TV Soap legend being chased for £100k debt

    TV soap legend owes £100k debt

    Former Coronation Street legend Beverley Callard is currently under investigation after her acting firm failed to settle a £100,000 tax bill.

    The Liz McDonald star, 67, is under investigation by the HMRC after failing to pay £215,000 in debts, according to The Mirror.

    Beverley and her husband Jon McEwan launched the company in 2020 when she left top soap Coronation Street to supplement their income.

    But despite earning millions over the years, the couple reportedly failed to repay £114,000 in director’s loans and owe HMRC £101,554 in outstanding tax and VAT.

    The Mirror reported it was £114,124 overdrawn at the time of closure, after she  and her Jon took out director’s loans.

    It owed £51,450 VAT to HMRC, £47,319 corporation tax and £2,784 to two trade creditors – meaning in total the account was £215, 677 in debt at the time of liquidation.

    A statement released by Beverley Callard’s representative told the publication: ‘Many of these details are incorrect but due to the fact that Jon and I are in a legal dispute, sadly I cannot speak about it at this time.

    ‘But when it is resolved, and it will be, I will talk about it and look forward to setting the record straight.’

    Beverley played Rovers landlady Liz from 1989 until 2020, and recently opened up about stepping away from Coronation Street last year.

    Speaking on the podcast How to be 60 last year, she said: ‘I just felt that the scripts weren’t what they used to be. I’m trying to be diplomatic.’

    ‘I wasn’t miserable,’ she added.

    ‘It’s difficult to put into words. But years ago, we used to get the scripts, and you’d open them and think, “Oh my goodness, this is amazing. I cannot believe I’m going to be filming this!” And then for me, well, first of all, they didn’t write for me as much because I was older, and that really got to me.’


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