Debt Collection Experts called up as advisers for top TV soap

debt collection firm helps coronation street

A leading Debt Collection Agency in the UK has been enlisted by the world’s longest running television soap to assist them with script writing for storylines.

Coronation Street is watched by millions of television viewers every week in the UK and attracts a worldwide audience also. They are reportedly running a storyline involving Professional Debt Collectors and approach award-winning debt collection agency Federal Management for assistance.

Federal Management’s guidance and expertise was sought on a number of aspects of the script writing to guarantee viewing authenticity for the millions of television viewers of Coronation Street, the UK’s favourite soap.

Details of the exact nature of Federal Management’s involvement in the Coronation street debt collection storyline have not been made public however it is understood they helped with the script and ensuring ‘realism’ for scenes that are said to be being broadcast on ITV in January 2023.

Debt Collection and Debt Collectors are often misrepresented in television and media shows. Many hope this is an acceptance of the role legitimate and professional debt collection agencies have to play in modern day society.

The appointment is seen a huge boost of credibility for the long established Debt Collection Agency that has been operating nearly 20 years.

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