The Financial Services Authority today publishes the findings of its thematic review into anti-bribery and corruption systems and controls in investment banks.

In response to those findings, the FSA will consult on proposed amendments to the FSA’s regulatory guidance, ‘Financial crime: a guide for firms’.  This proposed new guidance applies to all firms within scope of our financial crime rules, not just investment banks.

From August 2011, the FSA visited 15 firms, including eight major global investment banks and a number of smaller operations, to examine how firms mitigate bribery and corruption risk.  Bribery and corruption risk is the risk of the firm, or anyone acting on the firm’s behalf, engaging in bribery and corruption.

The FSA found that, despite a long-standing regulatory requirement to mitigate financial crime risk, the majority of firms in our sample had more work to do to implement effective anti-bribery and corruption systems and controls.

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