Marathon runner employs Debt Collectors to collect winnings

Marathon winner employs debt collectors to collect his winnings

Last years Brighton Marathon winner employs debt collectors in an extraordinary step to collect his winnings.

Alix Ramsier won the Brighton marathon last year and has employed Debt Collectors to recover his winnings. The company that acts as organisers of the Brighton Marathon is called Grounded events.

Mr Ramiser from South Croydon is owed £2,000 for winning the Brighton 2022 marathon. He has employed a debt collection agency to help him recover the winnings from Grounded Events.

The elite runner, who runs a lawn care firm, advised he will not be running the Brighton Marathon again whilst it is being organised by Grounded Events.

Other runners are said to have also not received their prize money from the troubled company.

Grounded Events are said to be riddled with unpaid business debts. It is reported that they have notice of their intention to file for administration on 1st November however applications for the Brighton 2023 marathon were still being taken.

Brighton and Hove City Council have now stepped in and advised Grounded Events that they will not be allowed to host the event if they do not pay outstanding company debts.

In a statement, a spokesman for the council said: “We are committed to hosting a Brighton Marathon next year.

“But we have made it clear to Grounded Events that we will not provide full landlords‘ consent for the use of city space unless they fulfil the criteria we have set out for them.

“This includes the settling of all outstanding debts from previous years.

“We are aware that they now stated their intention to appoint administrators as a protective measure.

“We are meeting them later this week to understand the implications of this in terms of their request to run the Brighton Marathon next year.”

According to documents from Companies house, Grounded Events has over £1.2m of debt and have various ongoing debt collection actions against them.

As a result of previous debt collection action, there are currently two unpaid ccj’s made against the company totalling nearly £3k.


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