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Ireland creates new Insolvency service

New plans to deal with personal debt have been announced by the Irish government.

Personal Debt Levels Dropping

Over a third (35 per cent) of Brits have reduced their debt levels in the last year according to new research from MoneySupermarket.com.

Debt Collection Building Demand for Call Centre Optimisation

Aspect and Datapoint have embarked on a partnership targeting financial services ...

Financial Problems Start at £14,416

The latest financial safety net report from Bright Grey has revealed that Britons only consider themselves to have a serious financial problem when they reach a debt level of £14,416.

Retirees Sitting on £96.41bn of Personal Debts

New research from retirement income specialist MGM Advantage reveals that the average retired person has £8,180 of personal debt, collectively equating to a staggering £96.41bn.