Fake lawyer charged over County Court appearance

fake lawyer charged

A fake lawyer has been charged in connection with offences in a County Court hearing. The man has admitted posing as a lawyer at Coventry County Court when he does not have the necessary legal qualifications.

The individual is named Naveed Rai, who resides in Bromsgrove. Rai pleaded guilty at Gloucester Crown Court on June 23 to three charges brought by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

One of the charges he admitted was that on May 2, 2018, he acted as a solicitor while unqualified in that he attended court and acted on behalf of Fayaz Mohammed pretending to hold a position as a solicitor.

He also admitted carrying on a reserved legal activity when not entitled to do so by holding an audience with District Judge Jones at Coventry County Court while not qualified to carry out that activity.

The final charge to which he pleaded guilty was that he wilfully pretended to be entitled to carry on a reserved legal activity in that he accepted services by means of an amended claim form when he was not entitled to do so.

The judge, Recorder David Chidgey, ordered that pre-sentence reports should be prepared and released Naveed Rai on unconditional bail for him to be sentenced on July 28 2022.

It is understood the case related to Debt Collection matters.


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