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Private debt collectors to fetch back payments made in error

Households that received money they did not claim may get a knock on the door... Thousands of struggling families who have been overpaid tax credits...

Taxpayers’ money wasted in futile debt collection effort.

Exclusive details have been announced this week that Highland Council have cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds in efforts to recover debts owed...

Government’s Debt Collection initiative has failed say MPs

The Committee of public accounts has said that efforts to recover 22 Billion pounds worth of debt owing to the government have failed dramatically...

Government Reaffirms Commitment to Tackling Late Payers

The Government has today reaffirmed its commitment to help improve the supply chain cashflow for UK firms by joining forces ...

New Credit Ratings Rules ‘To Help Markets’

Tighter controls on credit ratings agencies should steady volatile markets and cut out conflicts of interest, MEPs have said.

Staff Cuts Lead to £1.1Bn in Unpaid Tax

Staff cuts has been listed as to why HMRC missed out on recovering £1.1bn in outstanding tax, according to the Public Accounts Committee