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Businesses must act to collect unpaid invoices as UK recession looms

Businesses are being urged to take action to collect unpaid invoices as a new UK recession in on the horizon. The latest setback fro...

Olympics helps Britain come out of recession

Olympics spending fuelled Britain's strongest quarterly growth in five years, springboarding the country out of recession in the third quarter, data showed on Thursday

Debt reduction could hit growth warns FSA Boss

The head of the Financial Services Authority has suggested that it may be time for more unconventional policies to revive Britain's stagnant economy.

Funding for Lending has bright start

The Bank of England (BoE) has released the names of 13 banks and building societies taking part in its scheme to boost lending to cash-starved households and businesses.

Base rate held as economy shows sign of improving

The Bank of England has voted to keep interest rates at 0.5% and hold fire on pumping any more money into the economy through its quantitative easing programme.

Britain’s Mortgage Debt Reduced by 8.8 Billion

BRITONS reduced their mortgage debt by £8.8bn in the first quarter of this year as the housing market remained subdued, new ...

Level of Consumer Debt Doubles

Figures released by the Bank of England have revealed that unsecured consumer debt doubled in May.