Bogus High Court Sheriffs rob pensioner of savings


Police in Sussex have warned Home owners to be on guard after the theft of hundreds of pounds from an elderly pensioner in Sussex, UK.

Details have been released from Police regarding the crime which happened on Monday morning (September 19th) in Eridge Green. Two individuals knocked on the door of an 81 year old man, claiming to be High Court Enforcement Officers.

The man and a woman said they had been instructed by the High Court to collect a debt for unpaid Value added Tax (VAT). They had no official paperwork or identification to support their claims.

When the elderly victim became concerned and refused entry to his property, the pair forced their way and pushed him into a chair. They then aggressively demanded cash and forced him to tell them where his money was hidden.

They then ransacked the house, looking for money and valuables. After searching round they eventually made off with hundreds of pounds the victim had hidden away. The home owner was left understandably very shaken but had no injuries as a result of his ordeal.

A description of the first offender is given as being male, aged between 25 to 30 years old age. Well built with dark hair, wearing a dark jacket and trousers.

The woman is detailed as approximately being in her 20’s, 5ft 6 with shoulder length light brownish hair. She had jacket on with with a skirt.

Sussex Police are seeking witnesses to the event or anybody that may have some information relating to this or similar events in the Sussex area.

The crime itself was committed around 8am (GMT) on Monday morning.

If you have any information that may aid Sussex Police with their investigation, please email them at quoting ref serial 307 of 19/09.

Alternatively, you can call them on 101 quoting the same reference number.



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