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Half of Small Businesses trading in the red

According to the latest Small Business Insights published by Xero, half of the small businesses in the UK are currently trading in the red. The...

Calls For New Late Payment Legislation

A survey by the Institute of Directors (IoD) of SME’s across the UK revealed that of the 787 questioned, nearly half have suffered because...

Late payment is the silent assassin of UK Businesses

According to research from Bacs, more than 50,000 British small firms are closing every year, being owed £14.2bn in unpaid debt. Getting clients to pay...

UK Businesses Late Payment ‘Double Standards’

Studies have found that a number of businesses in the UK with regards to late payments are working under double standards. Companies who are insisting...

British SMEs ‘Owed £67 billion in Unpaid Invoices’

The small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK are currently owed a combined total of £67 billion in relation to unpaid invoices. These figures...

UK Business Invoices paid over 3 weeks late on average

The latest data produced from Experian shows that whilst the payment of UK Business invoices has improved somewhat, there still remains serious issues within...

Banking Boss Admits £2 Million Invoice Fraud

A former Lloyds bank boss in charge of online security has admitted a £2.4 million fraud.

SMEs Spending 130 Hours a Year Chasing Late Payers

A recent survey has revealed that SMEs are spending an average of 130 hours a year chasing late payments for unpaid invoices and overdue accounts.

SME Debt Hits Record High With Large Businesses Blamed

New data released by Bacs Payment Schmes shows the level of outstanding debt owed to SMEs in the UK has reached a high of £35.5bn.

Stricter Credit Control Key to Improving Cashflow

Businesses are being urged to impose stricter cash and credit control procedures as a means of preventing late payments by a leading UK bank.