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Top excuses for late payment of Business Debt revealed

A leading UK Business Debt Recovery firm have revealed the top 10 list of excuses for non payment as reported by their clients. The New Business Department...

Proposals could see bankruptcy period extended

Individuals declaring bankruptcy could be facing tougher measures by way of extended bankruptcy periods from 1 to 3 years if new  proposals are accepted. R3,...

Rogue Bosses ‘Escaping Justice’ Following Watchdog Cuts

Unscrupulous company directors are escaping justice because of a shortage of resources at the Government’s ...

Calls for Bankruptcy to be Made Longer

New research by insolvency trade body R3 reveals that over half of the population (58%) believe bankruptcy should last longer than a year.

"High Risk" Retail Sector Facing Struggle

The figurehead of the UK's insolvency industry has warned that a new batch of retailers could be forced into administration as ...