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Tag: Debt collection Scam

Tabloid investigation targets Dodgy Debt Collection firms

  UK's Scam Debt Collection Agencies are still a problem that continue to blight the industry but putting a spotlight on their unethical activities is...

Debt Collection firm warns of increase in scams

A leading Commercial Debt Collection firm has today warned UK Businesses to be on guard after reports of a surge in scam activities involving...

Police warn of new Debt Collection scam

Humberside Police have issued a warning to members of the public and the wider Business community after a surge in complaints from individuals receiving...

UK attacked by scam Debt Collection emails

UK Businesses have reported a sharp rise in scam debt collection emails purporting from legitimate British companies. For years company email addresses have been blighted...

Irish Debt Scam Gang Suspected of Keeping Slaves

Gardai are investigating claims that a west of Ireland gang has been using vulnerable people as 'slaves' for their debt collection scam.